Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Global Biking

Our training has been slowed this week with a trip to visit Jessica's sister in Germany. Her and her almost-1-year-old son, Nathan, are living about an hour east of Frankfurt. Christina's husband is in the military and is currently deployed so we thought we would pop in for a quick visit to keep them company.

Germany is certainly an interesting place. Among other things, we have noticed that the country is very bike friendly. Bike paths are abundant in quite random areas. In fact, random doors even apparently lead to paths directly adjacent to the infamous "autobahn."

I was able to get a very short ride in earlier this week in their village of Oerlanbach but that is about it in the way of cycling this week. I will post pictures of that ride later but until then, please keep checking the blog. Next week, our longer rides begin and postings will be more regular at that time. Thanks for your support as we continue the fight to train for 105 miles and find a cure for diabetes, or zuckerkrankheit, in German.

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