Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Diabetes Technology

Several years ago, the first "Continuous Glucose Monitoring System" was released. This product, although not very accurate and honestly not very helpful at the time, was quite expensive and not seen as a necessary piece of treatment by insurance companies. Now, after much refining and an increase in clinical trials for the products, the CGMS is thankfully supported by most insurance companies.

Fortunately for me, our insurance company is now covering the cost of the device. This device is certainly convenient and is an improved treatment for folks like myself with type I diabetes. Basically, the device is yet another attachment to my skin that goes everywhere with me. It tests my blood sugar every 5 minutes and sends the reading to my insulin pump wirelessly. I still test my blood sugar with a finger prick 4-6 times a day to calibrate the device because the CGMS is only designed to show trends in blood sugar and not actual readings. However, the CGMS will be very helpful during our training and during the ride so that I can see these blood glucose trends in real time.

This device, although not perfect, brings us one step closer to an artificial pancreas. I want to stress one thing though, this is a treatment, not a cure. Today was one of those days when I am reminded that I am still diabetic and although these fancy devices are great and may help extend my life, they are simply advanced treatments. Today I was unexplainably, in the 300s, for much of the afternoon making the simplest of tasks quite difficult. These days need to end for me and the millions of other diabetes worldwide.

Please continue to help us find this cure by supporting our team and joining us on April 30th at the Square Room.

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