Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training Progresses - Big Night in One Week

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a great weekday ride up and down Knoxville's Greenway through Bearden, Tyson Park, the UT Ag. Campus, and then continued all the way to the South Knoxville bridge. The weather was beautiful, the bikes were fast, but the greatest thing of all was the fact that my blood sugar stayed between 95-112 during the entire ride.

Typically, it is common practice to have a hard time keeping blood sugars in that range during high intensity exercise, however, with the help of my "Diabetes Coach," Bob Hanisch, we have finally found a formula that seems to be working. Cutting back on the amount of insulin that I take for about an hour before the ride, eating at least 50 grams of carbs during the ride every 15-25 minutes, and testing often...hopefully this formula will help keep my blood sugar in normal range for many rides to come. I can say one thing, normal blood sugar during rides sure does make the ride easier!

The picture above is of our headliner (the Dirty Guv'nahs) for next week's Happy Hour 4 a Cure! Tickets are still available online for $10 and will also be $10 at the door that night. Please, join us! Tell your friends and lets pack the house at The Square Room next Thursday night.

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